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Maze envisions a world where genetic insights inspire new medicines. We are harnessing the power of human genetics, functional genomics and data science to advance our understanding of how to more effectively treat patients with severe rare and common diseases.

By integrating our proprietary COMPASS platform with our extensive technological and drug discovery capabilities, our team of scientific pioneers are working to accelerate the development of new precision medicines that change the course of disease.

our team

Jason Coloma

Ph.D., President, Chief Mazer

Atul Dandekar

Chief Strategy Officer

Tara Nickerson

Ph.D., Chief Business Officer

Sarah Noonberg

M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer

Eric Green

M.D., Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Research & Translational Sciences

Matt Krause

Senior Vice President, Human Resources

David Morgans

Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Drug Discovery

Matt Brauer

Ph.D., Vice President, Data Science

Jillian Connell

Vice President, Head of Investor Relations and Treasury


Mark Daly, Ph.D.

Broad Institute

Dr. Mark Daly is an institute member of the Broad Institute, co-director of the Program in Medical and Population Genetics and the director of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland. His research primarily focuses on the development and application of…

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Stephen Elledge, Ph.D.

Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Dr. Stephen Elledge is a world-renowned leader in the field of the genetics, biochemistry, genomics, and proteomics of cancer cell biology. He is currently the Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics and Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s…

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Aaron D. Gitler, Ph.D.

Stanford University

Dr. Aaron Gitler is professor of genetics at Stanford University. One of his most pivotal discoveries was the identification of a major genetic contributor to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Aaron’s team recently demonstrated that inhibiting this gene markedly extends lifespan…

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Sekar Kathiresan, M.D.

Verve Therapeutics, MGH and Broad

Dr. Sek Kathiresan, a physician scientist and a human geneticist, is the CEO of Verve Therapeutics, Professor of Medicine (on leave) at Harvard Medical School, and Institute Member (on leave) at Broad Institute. Sek leverages human genetics to understand the…

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Jonathan S. Weissman, Ph.D.


Dr. Jonathan S. Weissman currently serves as professor of biology and member of the Whitehead Institute. He is also an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and co-leads the Laboratory for Genomic Research, funded by GlaxoSmithKline, which drives development…

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board of directors

Charles Homcy, M.D.

Chairman of the Board; Partner, Third Rock Ventures

Dr. Charles Homcy is a partner at Third Rock Ventures, where he focuses on the formation of companies that discover and develop novel therapeutic approaches. He brings significant experience building and leading successful biotech companies and has played an integral…

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Nancy Andrews, M.D., Ph.D


Nancy Andrews, M.D., Ph.D., has extensive experience as a physician, scientist, professor and senior administrator at leading academic institutions and hospitals. Her distinguished career spans more than 30 years, with leadership roles at both Harvard Medical School and the Duke…

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Brendan Bulik-Sullivan, Ph.D.

Partner, GV

Dr. Brendan Bulik-Sullivan is a partner at GV focusing on life sciences investments. Before GV, Dr. Bulik-Sullivan worked on applied statistics and machine learning research in genetics and biotechnology. Dr. Bulik-Sullivan led machine learning at Gritstone Oncology, where he designed…

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Jason Coloma, Ph.D.

President, Chief Mazer, MAZE THERAPEUTICS

Dr. Jason Coloma is the CEO of Maze Therapeutics. Prior to his appointment to CEO, he was Maze’s interim chief operating officer and a venture partner at Third Rock Ventures, where he was instrumental in the founding and launch of…

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Jonathan Lim, M.D.

Founder and managing partner, City Hill Ventures

Jonathan Lim, M.D., is the founder and managing partner at City Hill Ventures. In addition to his role at City Hill, Dr. Lim is a venture partner at ARCH Venture Partners, chairman, chief executive officer and co-founder at Erasca, and…

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Richard Scheller, Ph.D.

Former head of therapeutics and chief scientific officer, 23andMe

Dr. Richard Scheller is the former head of therapeutics and chief scientific officer of 23andMe. Prior to his role there, he spent 14 years at Genentech where he was executive vice president of research and early development. He served on…

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Catherine Angell Sohn, Pharm.D.


Catherine Angell Sohn, Pharm.D., is an experienced biopharmaceutical executive with expertise in strategy, strategic product development, business development and commercialization of new medicines. Dr. Sohn currently serves as chairman of the board of BioEclipse Therapeutics and as a director for…

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Daniel K. Spiegelman


Daniel K. Spiegelman has served as a chief financial officer in several diversified biotechnology companies spanning 30 years. He was most recently executive vice president and chief financial officer of BioMarin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a pharmaceutical company focused on development of…

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Andy Tran

Matrix Capital Management

Andy Tran leads and oversees key private biotechnology investments at Matrix Capital Management, a technology and life sciences investment firm. In addition to serving as Board Director of Maze Therapeutics, he has led investments in and served on the boards…

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Jeffrey Tong, Ph.D.

Partner, Third Rock Ventures

Dr. Jeffrey Tong is a partner with Third Rock Ventures, where he focuses on drug discovery and development across the firm’s portfolio. He is chairman of Ambys Medicines, and also serves on the board of Nurix Therapeutics. Prior to joining…

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Charles Homcy

M.D., CEO; Partner, Third Rock Ventures

Dr. Charles Homcy is a partner at Third Rock Ventures, where he focuses on the formation of companies that discover and develop novel therapeutic approaches. He brings significant experience building and leading successful biotech companies and has played an integral role in the launching and building of Third Rock Ventures’ portfolio companies, including Ambys Medicines, Global Blood Therapeutics, Pliant Therapeutics, Relay Therapeutics, Goldfinch Bio, CytomX and MyoKardia.