Maze Therapeutics

a golden age of genetics

We are living in a renaissance for precision medicine. With the convergence of technology and biology, drug development is rapidly evolving in ways that will redefine the industry.

Diseases that were viewed as intractable just a few years ago, can now be traced to their fundamental biological underpinnings, revealing new insights that can guide potential new treatment approaches.

Still, the process of translating genetic insights into novel precision medicines is neither easy nor linear. It is a labyrinth of choices, trials, errors, retracing and experimentation.

Thus the derivation of our name, Maze Therapeutics.

our strategy

The scientific community has been discovering disease-gene associations at a remarkable pace, providing us with invaluable learnings an access to an unprecedented amount of genetic data. With the availability of this data, there has been exponential growth in our genetic understanding of both rare and common diseases, and while there is incredible potential, it has yet to be fully harnessed.

Maze was formed to solve this very problem. To determine which of these genetic associations can be translated into a therapy for patients.

Our strategy focuses on advancing precision medicines to address common diseases across renal and cardio-metabolic indications. To do this, we are applying insights in genetics, combined with our area expertise and Compass™ platform to maximize the long-term impact we can have on worldwide human health.

Renal Disease

Estimated to impact -10% of the world population with higher estimates for patients of African ancestry

Cardio-Metabolic Disease

Cardiovascular disease alone is responsible for 1 in 5 deaths, with >30% of heart disease risk attributable to genetics

Applying genetic medicine to large populations

Leveraging our area expertise, variant functionalization and compass platform to maximize impact on worldwide human health

Incredible genetic data now accessible

The scientific community has been discovering disease-gene associations at a remarkable pace

Thanks to CRISPR and other breakthroughs, we have seen a revolution in recent years in our ability to precisely alter cells and characterize how these perturbations impact function. This gives us an unprecedented ability to find ways to suppress disease states.

Jonathan Weissman

By studying human populations, we can uncover genetic variants that provide protection from genetic diseases. The scale of available human genetic data has now made it possible to begin systematically identifying these protective variants.

Mark Daly

Claussnitzer et al. 2020 (Nature).

Maze Compass™

Maze applies variant functionalization in tandem with advanced data science methods and a robust suite of research and development capabilities to advance a pipeline of novel precision medicines. Maze has developed the Maze Compass Platform™, a proprietary, purpose-built platform to understand and integrate the critical step of variant functionalization into each stage of drug development.

We continuously strive to think about stubborn problems in very new ways and open our minds and labs to new possibilities for patients. We believe the rigorous process and standards we hold ourselves to distinguish us.