Maze Therapeutics

Maze's pipeline

Maze stands at the forefront of an emerging effort to harness the power inherent in the relationship between genes, the protein products encoded by those genes, and specific, observable human traits, and to translate these insights into innovative therapeutics.

Utilizing the Maze Compass Platform™, Maze is harnessing the power of human genetics to transform the lives of patients. We are building a broad portfolio of wholly owned and partnered programs, with a focus on genetically informed therapies for common diseases such as chronic kidney disease.

The Maze Compass Platform™ and Ongoing Research & Development Efforts

We continue to expand a broad and deep research pipeline by applying our Compass Platform to identify novel drug targets across multiple therapeutic areas and modalities.

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We believe that collaborating with exceptional people, academic institutions and industry leaders will be paramount to delivering on our mission of bringing precision medicines to patients.

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