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Forbes: Third Rock And ARCH-Backed Genetics Startup Launches With Nearly $200 Million

Forbes — A startup aimed at identifying genetic modifiers (genes that impact how other ones are expressed) to develop new drugs launched Thursday with $191 million in funding from investors Third Rock Ventures and ARCH Venture Partners, among others. Maze…

Xconomy: With $191M Haul, Maze Therapeutics Takes Aim at Genetic Diseases

Xconomy San Francisco — People who share the same disease-causing genetic mutation can have a wide range of severity in their disease. Some don’t get sick at all. Environment can play a role, but with ever-more genetic data available, scientists…

MIT Technology Review: The secret to a new drug could be hiding in your genes

MIT Technology Review — Sickle-cell disease is caused by a one-letter spelling mistake in the hemoglobin gene. But not everyone who inherits the error suffers the worst effects of the blood disease. By 2008, scientists had figured out why. It’s…

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